How it works

Upload a PDF or Word document and get responses to any questions you ask. 

1. Drag and drop a PDF or .DOCX file or click “browse files” to choose a file to upload.

2. Write a request in your own words or choose a pre-selected option.

3. Wait for the AI response.

You can also paste text or enter a web address URL.

Capabilities: Summarize | Translate | Re-write | Bullet Points | Answer Questions | Write For a Third Grader | and more

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What AI powers Chatbotdocs?

Chatbotdocs is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT model (GPT3) GPT-3.5-turbo. This is the very smart and capable AI that powers the base model of ChatGPT so you can be assured of the standard of responses.

Response limitations

Large documents can be read by the AI however there is a limit to the length of the returned output of around 3000 words. This means in practice you can summarise a very large document (as long as the returned summary is less than 3000 words), but you cannot, for instance, re-write a 10,000 word document (as the response would exceed the 3000 word response limit).

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

There is a limit of 20MB file size. Note that larger files may take a long time to initially process. Once processed, question and answering against the file should be fast. 

Can the file have images?

Yes the file can have images. The images will not be included in the summary and they will generally not contribute to the maximum word count for the file.

Is my data safe?

Chatbotdocs utilizes OpenAI’s ChatGPT API and data is sent to OpenAI securely via https security protocol. Read about OpenAI’s data privacy policies here: The Chatbotdocs web application is hosted via Streamlit, an enterprise grade application provider. site itself does not hold nor retain any transmitted data and is hosted securely within Enterprise grade datacentres. All documents received via Chatbotdocs are automatically deleted after every user session.

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